I read The Harmonic Reactor by Marina Jacobi

This book is said to be channeling of RA and the Council of 9. It is said to be written in code which will rewrite the reader’s mind into understanding if they have a loving heart. Marina tells us we must be at the right vibration/frequency before we can understand. To raise your vibration, you must detox your body, so the RNA/DNA can heal and shift correctly.Vegan up people!

Now, having gone through the book, I am fascinated by the scribbles and diagrams she includes.

It seems she may have actually received this information from an outside source but lacks the understanding and ability to transcribe it properly. So much of what she said in the book resonates with what David Wilcock and Corey Goode have been teaching about the Law of One and RA.

It also seems as though the book is the rantings of a schizophrenic. Exactly what is the difference between a mentally ill person and a demon possessed person or a prophet for that matter? (How crazy did some of the biblical prophets sound when they were doing their thing?)

Marina Jacobi has another shorter book I read: Nanotechnology – The Constructive Elements.

I find it interesting that she has donation buttons all over her page, but doesn’t charge for the information.

That appeals to me. Now I just wait for my brain to be rewired to understand what I’ve read… providing my heart is loving.

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